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COVID-19 Update

Covid 19 Adaptions to Filgiano Dentistry

Updated Dec 11, 2020


Dental offices in general, and ours in particular, have always maintained an exceptionally high level of infection control. Until a Covid-19 vaccine is widely available, we will be implementing the following additional measures in our office.


1) When our receptionists contact you to confirm your upcoming appointment, there will be screening questions about any potential Covid-19 symptoms you may be experiencing.


2) Appointment times will be staggered in order to keep too many people from arriving at one time.


3) The front door will be locked. When you arrive at the office, please ring the recently installed doorbell or give us a call from your car (905-294-6444). In either case, our receptionist will greet you at the door. In this way, we can control the number of people in the office at any given time and keep our social distancing intact. If there is room in our waiting room, you will be welcomed in; otherwise, you will be asked to remain outside or in your vehicle. Please note that we will only allow the patient being treated into the office, unless the patient is a child, whereupon a parent may accompany them.


4) Each person entering the office will be asked if they are experiencing any symptoms such as a dry cough, aches, pains, fever, fatigue or congestion.


5) Each person entering the office, including every staff member, will have his or her temperature taken with a touchless forehead thermometer. Staff will have their temperatures taken, and recorded, both in the morning and after lunch.


6) A hand sanitizing station will be provided in the entry hall. Everyone will be asked to sanitize their hands.


7) Our waiting room furniture has been changed temporarily, allowing for the disinfection of seating after each usage.


8) Five new air filters have been installed in the office, one in the waiting room and one in each of the treatment rooms. These are the newest HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Air) air purifiers with germ level filters which will capture both bacteria and the particles that carry viruses. Each is designed to filter 750 square feet, even though our treatment rooms only range in size from 80-120 square feet.


9) All treatment rooms are sealed off and sufficient fallow time is given for the air filters to work optimally.


10) All treatment rooms are thoroughly disinfected between patients.


11) We will provide all patients with a mouth rinse to be used before any treatment can begin.


12) When your appointment is over, you will be guided to our rear office to settle accounts and/or make an appointment. You will then exit through the rear door. This will prevent any congestion around the front desk.


13) All clinical staff will wear N95 masks and face shields.


In addition to our existing safety protocols (listed below for those interested), we truly believe that these additional measures will make our office one of the safest offices anywhere. We hope that you are reassured that the safety of our patients and staff is of primary importance to us.


Our standard infection control protocols have always included the following:


1) Infection control procedures performed between each patient:


· Disinfection of all hard surfaces including counters, chairs and headrests, overhead operatory lights and handles, control carts and any containers or small machines located in the operatories.

· Complete sterilization of all instruments, including hand pieces (drills).

· Replacement of the plastic wraps covering suction handles, air/water syringes and light handles, as well as replacement of the head rest covers.


2) The efficiency of our sterilization is monitored by using test strips in all batches of sterilized instruments.


3) Spore testing is performed on the sterilization equipment each morning to ensure its efficiency. (Spores are the single hardest microbe to kill so if the spores are dead, everything is dead.)


4) The clinical staff wear face masks (level 3) and nitrile gloves.


5) Patients wear protective eyewear

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