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COVID-19 Update

Hello from Filgiano Dentistry,

Our Markham dental office remains open and we continue to do more than the recommended measures to keep you safe. 

It will always be our primary goal to ensure the safety and comfort of our patients and of our staff. If you have any questions, please feel free to call our Office Manager Jill at the office at 905-294-6444 and she will be happy to talk with you.

Stay well everyone!

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Coming to the dentist is probably not your favourite way to spend time.  That’s why we make your visit as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. From our inviting waiting room to our friendly staff, our goal is to help you feel welcome and relaxed. We always take time to answer your questions and explain all your options to you.



 At Filgiano Dentistry, we believe in treating our patients like family and we’ve been doing this in Markham for over 25 years. We’re into our second generation of Filgiano dentists now and, although our technology and techniques have evolved, our values are still the same.


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Our Markham Dental Office Services

Dental Cleaning

When you think of a trip to the dentist, the scraping of your teeth and that high powered toothbrush for polishing may come to mind. To find out our process including costs and how often you should come, check out our dental cleaning in Markham page. 

Family Dentistry

Your family is important to you and we’re happy to help your family achieve the best oral care possible. To learn about what that means, both for you and your family, read more about our family dentistry on Main Street in Markham

Dentistry for children

A happy smile is sometimes all we crave from our children. At Filgiano Dentistry, we want to be the denists you like, it’s our tag line. It’s the name of our site! Find out about our process and the costs and book some Markham dentistry for your children today. 

Cosmetic Dentistry

Ever look in the mirror and wonder about the stains or discolouration and what you could do to brighten them up? There are many types of cosmetic denstistry in Markham, but we’re sure our full suite of services will have you smiling back at yourself in the mirror. 

Dental Bridge

Missing teeth is not the best look and can lead to problems if you don’t take care of the issue quickly. 

Learn about the types of dental bridges available, how to take care of yours, and how to get started getting your dental bridge on our page. 

Dental Implants

What are dental implants and what do they look like? How long do they last? And – is it painful? We answer that and more our our page all about dental implants in Markham, On – so check it out and feel free to give us a ring if you have more questions. 

Dental Crowns

Want to be the king or queen of your teeth? While a dental crown has nothing to do with sitting on a throne or ruling over a public, it has everything to do with a healthy smile. At Filgiano, we provide dental crowns in Markham, and our page will tell you more about what to expect during and after the procedure and a general idea of cost. 

Dental Bonding

What does dental bonding in Markham look like? How is it done, how long does it last, and what does it cost? We answer these important questions – check out our dental bonding Markham page for details. 

Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions can be a real pain, ha! Don’t go by what you saw in a TV show or movie.  Learn more about the types of tooth extractions we offer, why you might need one, how to prepare, and most imporantly, how we make the process less painful and ensure you’re comfortable throughout. 

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Knowledge is knowing the tomato is a fruit, wisdom is knowing it doesn’t belong in a fruit salad. 

Markham wisdom tooth extraction is generally for young adults between 17 and 21, or when you’re getting ready for university or college. You need to make room for all that wisdom! 

Obviously, you have concerns about the procedure and the pain. We outline those details as well as how to identify when wisdom teeth are coming in to help you prepare. Check out our page by clicking the link above. 

Sleep Apnea

If you’re looking for a sleep apnea treatment in Markham, we can help. 

Snoring may not bug you, but it definitely bothers your partner. While you may not want a machine to help, we have specialized training for sleep apnea in Markham where we fit a mouthguard like appliance to open your airway and help you breathe easier. Give us a call to discuss your options. 

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