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Dental Implants

 At Filgiano Dentistry, our Markham dentists know that nothing is as welcoming as a great, confident smile.  But missing teeth can lead you to feel shy about sharing your happiness, not to mention difficulty eating and speaking.  Dental implants are a comfortable way to restore your smile with a natural look.

What are dental implants?

Your teeth are attached to the gums by roots, which sometimes decay or need to be removed.  A dental implant is an artificial, titanium metal root that replaces the original.  It’s attached to the jawbone, and then an artificial tooth is joined to the implant.  Once this is done, your smile will be restored to its original beauty.

What do implants look like?

Dental implants consist of three parts: the post, the abutment or post extension and the artificial tooth. The post looks like a metal screw that is attached to the jawbone. The post extension is joined to the post, and allows for the artificial tooth to be attached.

How long do dental implants last?

Dental implants are incredibly sturdy, and since they are made of titanium they have a long lifespan. Some estimate the lifespan to be between 20 and 25 years, but this depends on many factors including diet, oral hygiene, frequency of cleanings and more. 

The crown, or artificial tooth, has a shorter lifespan since this is the part that is in constant use.  With proper cleaning and regular dental check-ups, a crown will probably last between 10 and 15 years.

The process of getting a dental implant

If you have healthy gums and a good jawbone, a dental implant could be the right solution for you.  The dental specialists at Filgiano Dentistry can work with you to assess your needs and determine the best course of action for replacing your missing teeth.

After we determine if a dental implant is appropriate for you, the first step in getting a dental implant is to have the post attached to the jawbone below the gum tissue. As the tissue heals, the implant will attach itself to the gum and join the bone, all of which help strengthen the implant. 

In some instances, the abutment is attached to the post when it is implanted. Otherwise, this is a separate step. When performing dental implants, we want to ensure that everything is able to heal properly before we move on to the next stages. It should be noted that the healing process can take many months, and the second stage can only be completed once the tissue has healed.

Once the abutment is in place, the dental specialist will make the artificial tooth and attach it.  Sometimes, the new tooth won’t fit perfectly on the first attempt, and it may require multiple appointments to get it just right.

If you happen to require multiple teeth replaced at the same time, our team will use a fixed bridge. This works by placing implants on either side of the missing teeth, then having the bridge cover the area.

Follow up after dental implant surgery

At Filgiano Dentistry, we take care to ensure that your teeth get the proper attention they require. You’ll be informed and prepared for every step of the treatment, and you’ll receive proper instruction on how to care for your dental implants. Cleaning and flossing are critical to oral health and dental care, and your dental implant is no exception.

To make sure that everything is in the best shape possible, we will schedule regular dental checkups with you. We’ll make sure that your implant hasn’t loosened and your bite is just right. After all, you wouldn’t want to undergo the whole procedure only to discover that something isn’t performing as it should.

Cost of dental implants in Markham

It’s true that dental implants can cost more than other forms of replacement teeth. And not every insurance plan will cover the expense.  While this may be the case, dental implants generally last a lot longer than other forms of artificial teeth, and are normally a one-time cost. While you may end up spending a bit more upfront, you can benefit from long-term savings. 

At Filgiano Dentistry, your smile is our business. We pride ourselves on providing the best dental service in Markham. If you’re looking for dental implants, the team at Filgiano Dentistry will provide a comfortable environment for you, one where you can remain confident you’re getting the quality service you deserve.  Simply give us a call and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Whether for general, family, cosmetic or emergency dentistry, Filgiano Dentistry is here for you.



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