Dental Bonding in Markham

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Dental Bonding in Markham


If you suffer from broken, chipped teeth or other dental issues requiring attention due to pain or just want that perfect smile, then dental bonding may be your solution. 

Not only can bonding help repair damaged teeth, but it can help make healthy teeth look even better. If you’re looking for a Markham dentist to help you with dental bonding, remember, we’re the dentists you like. With that tagline, we strive to be your go-to dentist.

What is dental bonding?

Dental bonding is a great way to repair minor damage to teeth. Not only is it a fast process, but it’s also a painless procedure. 

Bonding uses a composite resin we apply to your teeth, then we form it to the correct shape to restore your tooth’s natural look. Once it’s set, the resin is hardened using a high-intensity light.  

We can apply the resin in a variety of ways, depending on the nature of the damage. For instance, we can use it on a broken tooth to restore its natural look, or we can paint over stained teeth to match the colour of other teeth. We can also mould it into shape to fill in parts of chipped teeth or use it to fill spaces between teeth.

How is dental bonding done?

We’ll take you through the steps of dental bonding, so you’re comfortable with what’s being done.  

  1. We start by placing a transparent plastic film, also known as a matrix, between the bonded tooth and its neighbouring teeth. We do this to ensure the protection of the other teeth during the procedure.
  2. Next, we will apply a mild chemical to the tooth in question. This chemical makes the tooth’s surface a little rougher, allowing the resin to stick in place.
  3. After we prep your tooth for the bonding, we select a resin that matches your tooth colour.  
  4. Then, we start applying the resin in layers to the tooth. After each layer, we use the high-intensity light to harden the resin, ensuring it stays in place.
  5. When all the resin layers are on, we shape and polish it so that it matches your original tooth, restoring it to its natural look. Simple, right?

How long does dental bonding last?

As with any dental procedure, it’s essential to properly care for and clean your bond and surrounding teeth. Once the process is complete, we’ll walk you through the proper care procedure to ensure you know what to do.

On your next visit to Filgiano, we’ll pay close attention to the newly bonded tooth and if we can give it extra polish to make it look just right. As time goes by, we may have to apply additional resin to your tooth to maintain its look. This is an entirely standard procedure as, like any tooth, your bonded one may wear down over time.

How much does dental bonding cost in Markham?

It’s tough to give an estimate online due to the variety of reasons that you may require dental bonding. Cost is determined on a number of factors including what teeth, and how many surfaces on each tooth we will be bonding too. After an exam, we can provide an accurate quote to help you make an informed decision. 

Bonding with you

At Filgiano Dentistry, we strive to give you the best dental service in Markham. If you have questions about dental bonding or any other cosmetic dental service, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to answer any inquiries you might have. We’re always willing to take the extra time to ensure you know what’s being done to your teeth.

Your smile is important to us. Whether you’re looking to have a chipped tooth bonded or need a family dentist in Markham, the team at Filgiano Dentistry is always happy to help.

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