Family Dentistry

Each member of your family, from toddlers to great-grandparents, will receive first-class care based on a personalized assessment, something especially important given the diverse requirements of such a vast age range. We involve patients every step of the way and encourage you to become active participants in your dental care. If treatment is required, we discuss all possible courses of action, making sure you understand your options, and we always have time for your questions. Patient education is very important to us, whether one of our hygienists is showing your child the correct way to floss or Dr. Filgiano is reviewing a treatment plan with you. We strive to build a strong, lasting relationship with you based on trust, understanding, and patience.

What if my child is nervous?

Patience is the secret when a child is fearful. We take the time necessary to respect your child’s need to move at his or her own pace, whatever it may be. Normalyn & David found it most helpful that their kids didn’t have to pretend, “If the kids felt uncomfortable, they were allowed to say they felt uncomfortable.”

What about me? What if I’m nervous?

We understand kids aren’t the only ones who get anxious going to the dentist. Often, as happened with Paul, a bad childhood experience lingers and, as we get a bit older, it can be harder to discuss our fears. Apprehension from adults is no surprise to us and we treat patients of all ages with patience and respect, focusing on building a lasting relationship you can trust. In some situations, the use of nitrous oxide can also help reduce some of the anxiousness you may feel.

Hey kids, we now have iPads in our waiting room for you!