Cosmetic Dentistry

Helping you smile is the best thing about what we do. A person can feel self conscious and uncomfortable behind unattractive teeth, thinking that’s all anyone will ever notice. We can help change that using veneers, crowns, implants and whitening techniques or some combination of these options. When a patient comes to us, concerned about the appearance of his or her teeth, there’s nothing more gratifying than when that patient leaves our office beaming at the world. We’re proud of how the cosmetic work we do changes people’s lives and as Dr. Filgiano puts it, ‘you can’t ask for a bigger thrill than that.’

Will you provide any service I require?

You will get the best possible care at Filgiano Dentistry. We’re committed to continuously updating our professional training and our equipment in order to help our patients with most issues and we’re confident in the calibre of dental services we provide. When patients need a specialized level of care, we guide them to a specialist in whose skill and expertise we have complete confidence.

What about me? What if I’m nervous?

We understand kids aren’t the only ones who get anxious going to the dentist. Often, as happened with Paul, a bad childhood experience lingers and, as we get a bit older, it can be harder to discuss our fears. Apprehension from adults is no surprise to us and we treat patients of all ages with patience and respect, focusing on building a lasting relationship you can trust. In some situations, the use of nitrous oxide can also help reduce some of the anxiousness you may feel.

Some of our clients who started as kids are now bringing their kids!