Dr. Tom Filgiano

Dr. Tom was attracted to a career in dentistry for two simple reasons, “I like people and I like to work with my hands.” These defining characteristics inspired Tom to pursue a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree at Acadia University where he was able to complete his studies while playing varsity basketball. During his free time, he used the skills he was learning to do volunteer work with both children and disabled people.

Upon graduation from Acadia, Dr. Tom was accepted into the Dentistry program at Western. Throughout his four years at Western, Dr. Tom continued to play varsity basketball and to work with children and parents through his summer job as a basketball camp counsellor. “Being a camp counsellor is an interesting job”, he says, “you learn a lot about people. Lots of kids and parents are excited about camp but some kids are scared and some parents are nervous. You want it to be a positive experience for everyone.”

Dr. Tom brings that same attitude to his dental practice. “I make sure that I spend time with my patients so they understand their options and that they feel they can ask questions. I want their interactions with me to be a positive experience.”

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