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Dr. Gerald Filgiano

The Dentist You Like

Dr. Gerald Filgiano, The Dentist You Like!

Filgiano Dentistry in the community

Ask any of his patients and you’ll hear about Dr. Filgiano’s passion for dentistry and genuine concern for others. His path to dentistry began with a playground accident as a young boy in which he broke his front teeth. During his treatment, Dr. Filgiano discovered his interest in dentistry and was enthusiastic about the results that could be achieved. Over 25 years of extraordinary care have followed, fuelled by Dr. Filgiano’s belief that dentistry can change lives.

Commitment to the community is another of Dr. Filgiano’s core values. Providing dental care for Participation House, a local facility for cerebral palsy patients, is one way in which he contributes. The local sports community is another cause to which Dr.Filgiano dedicates his time as co-founder of the Markham Men’s Basketball League. He has also coached both rep and house league youth basketball for several years.

Here is the video transcribed if you prefer to read:

“The Dentist You Like” Dr. Gerald Filgiano
It all started back when I was in Grade Six. I had a school yard accident and I ended up breaking my two front teeth right in the middle. This big fang like break. I was one of five kids, there wasn’t a lot of money. There was no such thing as dental insurance back then. My dad says ‘what am I going to do with this nightmare?’ His solution was to send me off to the University of Montreal Dental School and let the students fix me. I was so enraptured by what he did—and he explained things to me, that ever since then I’ve wanted to be a dentist. This odd little kid, 11 years old, wanting to be a dentist. What Victor did for me changed my life.! And that’s what I want to do with people, have the opportunity to change their lives. Looking after them on a daily basis is one thing, but I get cases coming in and…I change people’s lives and you can’t ask for a bigger thrill than that. We really love what we do. I wouldn’t change anything career wise, I’d do it all over again. We love what we do, we have fun doing it and we do it in a really relaxed atmosphere. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we do fabulous work. We change people’s lives. We maintain their oral health. And it’s extremely rewarding. I think that reflects in the whole attitude in the office. And I think that’s what really separates us, the uncompromising quality combined with that nice, relaxed, sometimes jovial atmosphere which extends through the entire staff. I have to give my staff a lot of credit because without them…they’re part of it and they join into it.

  • 1970

    Playground accident which led to Dr. Filgiano’s dental career

  • 1982

    Dr. Filgiano graduates from McGill University’s Faculty of Dentistry

  • 1984

    Filgiano Dentistry opens its door on Main Street Markham North

  • 2013

    Dr. Filgiano’s son Tom begins studies at Western University’s Faculty of Dentistry


They don’t treat you as just another patient, they treat you as a person, somebody worth talking to.

Bernice W., Filgiano patient

What I love about Gerry’s practice is the chemistry and the people.

Harry J., Filgiano patient